America Is Not In the Book of Revelation

HourGlassEndTimesCommingSoon1LGAn acquaintance said to me one day, “girl, things are getting so bad in this world, I can’t wait for the Rapture.”

Because I care about this dear sister-in-Christ, I didn’t want to offend her sensibilities (seeing she was going through some personal issues), so, I just smiled and nodded my head. I wasn’t agreeing with the rapture coming to America but the truth is that the world is getting worse but Jesus spoke of these things (Matthew 24).

My friend may be like some other American Christians who think that Jesus is just coming to America when He returns.

From what I have heard her say in passing, the Book of Revelation has “us” American Christians taken before the Battle of Armageddon.

Let’s get this straight. America is not in the Book of Revelation.

I have heard and watched television evangelicals, preachers and self-proclaimed prophets give people the impression that when the “end times” comes, Christians in America will have been “rapture” into the sky with Jesus.

This is the most contemptible lie that is misleading American Christians who don’t take the time to read and examine the Bible on their own.

What we are seeing taking place in America today is not going to get this nation into heaven. The United States is one nation (as many others) that has too much blood on its hands and has gone in the opposite direction, far from God and Jesus.

Christians need to let the Word of God speak on behalf of itself. It’s God Word. He never lies.

I am not getting on a soap box, but simply want to put to rest the fact that America is not in the Book of Revelation.

Over the weekend, take some time to read the Book of Revelation and hear the voice of God for yourself.

Finally, I suggest you look at this compelling documentary Stealing A Nation. This film has three parts (56 min running time in all) about how scrupulous government officials from the U.K. and U.S. cleared an entire island, known as the Chagos-Islands and built a U.S. military based known as, Diego-Garcia base.

The Chagossians (African, Indian and Malay heritage) are still fighting to get back what was taken from them. However, some of the U.K. government representatives are in cahoots with the U.S. to keep these islanders from their homeland. Compelling and worth the watch.

Enjoy your weekend and spend time to be with God.

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