Starting All Over

2 Corinthians 5:17 – Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Well, this is a post that has taken several hours to write.

Right now, I am in bed recuperating once again with issues dealing with my heart.

I spent a few days in the hospital and came home with two new prescriptions on top of the others that I am presently taking.

Just having to rest is testing my patience. My mood peaks and takes nose dives. Right now, I feel a sense of emptiness. It is a feeling that I want to let go. Is this depression? Or a feeling of disgust that once again, I have to begin to think of putting my health as a priority over the incidental things in my life.

Being what I consider an active baby boomer, I am always looking forward to what new challenges lies ahead of me. Of course, those challenges are part of God’s plans for my life.

Yet, I would be lying to you if I said that at this particular stage of my life that I am content. No matter how much I read the Bible, and study particular scriptures relating to my situation. The flesh begs to ask the question, why again Lord?

I know that I am blessed to have a loving family, friends and church community praying for me daily and there as a support system. I thank them all from the bottom of heart (no pun intended).

As God draws breath in me each day, I feel my strength slowly being restored.

Through this health crisis, I have resolve to starting all over.

Starting over means for me to place more faith in God and trust Him despite what is said from others who doubt the power of healing.

Today is Healthy Wednesday and I would do a disservice to you and God if I did not share a better way of living healthy.

Here is my starting over list

  1. God first
  2. Identifying physicians that have the interest of their patient health first above traditional medical treatment
  3. Meals of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains and forgo process foods and sugary beverages
  4. Exercise and walk daily
  5. Daily Bible study, prayer and thanking the Lord

Websites to visit for the better health of you~

The Old Time Gospel (Healing Foods of the Bible)

Healing Scripture Healing Foods

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

Hurricane Matthew had a Message

             Matthew 10:7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’

Believe it or not. But Hurricane Matthew had a message for all of us to pay heed too.

The devastating news and videos of the wrath of Hurricane Matthew over the weekend, kept me in prayer.

One never can imagine what one will do when a major storm comes upon you.

Some people are prepared for natural disasters. But a large majority of us are not even given to believe that it could just happen to us.

A few years ago, I visited Rocky Mount, North Caroline after this county was flooded and homes, as well as, businesses were under water.

My college classmate was born and raised there. Yet, for her, all she could talk about is how things used to be wonderful and pleasant…and now, she was dealing with fear and discomfort at not knowing if another storm of the same magnitude would visited her hometown again.

Well, unfortunately, the state of North Carolina was ravished once again with another major storm and despite all the efforts of local and state government officials doing their share to keep the people safe. Nature had its way.

We can all agree that nature is nothing to take for granted. And despite our efforts to feel that we have the power to overtake the storm, wind and rain. We can do nothing without Christ.

Because Hurricane Matthew caused loss of lives and property we need to do as much as we can to support those in need.

I for one will be providing support for the Haitian people who are in dire need of rebuilding their small island.

Latest news reports that over 1000 people have died during the hurricane.

The storm named Hurricane Matthew caused serious destruction to the island of Haiti and its people. If you can do anything…first, pray, second, ask of yourself what you can do by setting up a donation station for clothing, food and other necessities. You can also contribute financially to a reputable charity or non-profit organization that will distribute directly to the people in Haiti.

In the meanwhile, you can also purchase a Matthew 10:7 tee-shirt with 100% of purchases going to Doctors Without Borders.

Purchase can be made at Teespring: 


For more listings of charities and videos of Hurricane Matthew click on the link below.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

The C Word

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

==Healthy Wednesday==

“Please don’t mention that word to me again…I don’t want to hear it. Keep the C word to yourself.”

I stood to the side and shook my head. It was a conversation that was taking place in the hospital and I just happened to be in earshot of hearing a mother stress to her adult child about a diagnosis that made my heart sink.

“But you have to be realistic about this thing,” the mother told her child.                                                                         leec1

“I am being realistic. And if I tell you that I don’t want to hear it again…that’s what I mean!” declared the woman’s daughter.

Turning around and heading back to the hospital lobby, I sank in the first chair I got too.

Lord knows that I have had my shared of medical emergencies and hospital stays. However, this time around, I had escorted a friend to the emergency room.

My patience was wearing thin. And I could feel my heart racing each time the sirens reached the entry doors and the EMT staff pulled someone out of the van and rolled them through the automatic doors.

As I attempted to preoccupy myself with strolling through my smart phone, my thoughts kept going back to the conversation between the mother and daughter.

The mother voice was trembling and shaky. Yet, her young adult child’s voice sounded strong, confident, and without fear.

Every so often I would look around to see how many patients were being called to the triage. I was playing this head game to keep me occupied from boredom and from dwelling on the C word myself.

It wasn’t long before my friend emerged from the treatment room. Everything was fine except for her having a bad case of indigestion and the need to go home and get some rest.

As we were preparing to leave, the mother I had overheard talking with her daughter came out.

The mother whisked passed me and out the automatic doors to the parking lot. Soon after, her daughter came out and sat in the waiting area. At that moment, I was compelled to go over and just encourage her.

It took all the faith I had to speak to this young woman. But I did.

“I’m sorry about your situation…I will be praying for you.”

The young woman looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you.”

I introduced myself to her and my friend.

The three of us had an awkward moment, seeing we were all strangers.

Then, much to our surprise, the young woman was encouraging me.

“You know, I don’t care what the doctors told me. I have faith to believe that Christ has already healed me.”

Walking to the car, my friend and I were shouting with praise and joy. Especially me!

That C word that she never spoke of turned out to be the C name of promise.

Christ! She was declaring Christ as her Healer and that gave me such peace to know that the C word has no power over Christ.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

Marvin Sapp-You Shall Live



The Parable of the Perfect Man

Ecclesiastes 7:20 For there is not a just man on earth who does good  And does not sin.

The Parable of the Perfect Man

There is a story about a man who spent his waking hours attempting to become the perfect man.

He had no family. He had no friends. He had neighbors but refused to exchange any pleasantries among them. One day, while he was awake, he heard the sound of weeping at his front door.

He looked through the peek hole but saw no one there. He retreated back to working on improving his perfection. When again, he stopped, because he heard the sound of weeping at his back door. He tiptoed to the back window and peered outside. But he saw no one. He hunched his shoulders and went back to working on improving his perfection.

Now, all day long and throughout the night, this man who wanted to become perfect was awakened by weeping sounds flowing throughout his entire house. By the next morning, this man who thought himself to be perfect was beside himself.

“I tell you,” he said to himself. “Something is happening to me. Am I going crazy? Is there really weeping I am hearing…or is this a terrible trick someone is playing on me?”

As the man who wanted to be perfect sat down to drink a cup of coffee and eat a slice of toast. He began to hear the weeping sound once again. But this time, it was even closer than he could imagine.

Soon, the weeping became so loud that the man who wanted to be perfect couldn’t control himself any longer.’

Much to his surprise as he glanced down into his cup of black coffee and took notice of the reflection of his face. That is when he realized where the weeping was coming from.

It was coming from him.

The man who wanted to be perfect had discovered that his desire to be perfect, had made him a lonely and bitter man.

He had to acknowledged that he himself had created an imperfect life for himself.

At that moment, the man who wanted to be perfect had a decision to make.

Was perfection worth the loneliness?

Everyone who reads this story has time to think about this man’s journey for perfection. Are you like the man who desires to be perfect?

Or are you content in being who God created you to be?

Think on it.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

The Walls Group – Perfect People Lyrics

Genuine Relationships

The righteous should choose his friends carefully, For the way of the wicked leads them astray.  Proverbs 12:26

I sat on the bus behind two women, fashionably dressed in their late forties, who seemed to be the best of friends.

These two women were having the time of their lives.

They were talking from the top of their lungs and laughing from the gut of their bellies.

The bus driver even spoke to the ladies by asking them to lower their voices.

As the bus made stops for passengers to get-off and board the bus, midpoint of travel, these two women friendly conversation had erupted into a big blow-up.

Truly, this seems to have come out of nowhere. One minute they were sewn to the hips and now to witness these two friends as bitter enemies was unfathomable.

It was really like they didn’t even know each other.

And you would never imagine what the two bus partners were arguing over.

A twenty-five-year-old secret…in other words, one of them was dating another friend’s son.

There was no holding back from these two once they got started.

They had taken their friendly conversation from laughter to downright swearing and cussing at one another.

Passengers on the bus even got quiet from their own side conversations just to listen to what was taking place center stage.

Sitting behind these women had me nervous. I didn’t know if they were going to get into a physical altercation or what. All I knew is that I didn’t want to be up close and personal should they decide to take blows at each other.

The bus driver spoke loudly and sternly over the intercom system for the ladies to quiet down or he would have them remove from the bus.

Well, apparently that was the rallying cry for these two women because they immediately turned on the bus driver in a united front declaring what they would do to him, should he lay hands on any of them.

Now, these two battling middle-aged divas were coming after the bus driver.

By the end of my bus ride, I was totally convinced that these two women had a genuine relationship.

Their relationship reminds me of how friends should be with one another. It is apparent that these women do have an authentic, strong bond of love and honesty between the two f them.

Some Christians will perhaps assume that this isn’t the type of friendship acceptable by Christ.

However, I would say that Jesus is all about the truth. And if the truth is not comfortable, then who is to blame?

It is something we need to look at closely as Christians and ask an honest question of ourselves.

Do we have genuine relationships?

And if not…why not?

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

You don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of.

What’s a Real Friend?

Toxic Food

“Artificial manures lead inevitably to artificial nutrition, artificial food, artificial animals, and finally, to artificial men and women.” – Sir Albert Howard, Founder of the Organic Farming Movement (1940)

Today I had an enjoyable conversation with one of my sisters. Our talk started off about what was happening with some younger members of our family, politics, Wells Fargo Senate hearing and then before we knew it, we were in a deep discussion about toxic food and the sliding scale of healthcare.

When it comes to healthcare, I am thankful and feel blessed that I do have full health coverage. But on the other-hand, I am disgusted with the power of Big Pharma and doctors who have built medical empires at their patients expense (physically, emotionally and financially).

I don’t have anything against doctors on the whole. However, I determine my opinion on my one-on-one interactions with the specialists and health professionals attending to my particular condition.

Of late, my snail mail has been nothing but large glossy postcards and colored envelopes advertising about new medical practices moving into our town. In addition to the junk mail my current health insurer has turned over my name to third parties contacting me about in-home visits and completing online surveys.

And I recognize now that I allowed myself to get into this unhealthy condition by eating toxic foods that has been working against my overall health.

Eating the right foods today seems like an impossible task, seeing that our vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, fish and grains are possibly subjected to chemicals that are the cause of major medical conditions, such as diabetes and cancer.

In order to live the life we want, we must give up the things that are slowly killing us.

Here in part is an interesting article about food and medicine from the website 

How science and medicine have betrayed you

“Basically, you die earlier and spend more time disabled if you’re an American rather than a member of most other advanced countries.”Christopher Murray, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the World Health Organization’s Global Program on Evidence for Health Policy, 2000.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the US ranked 1st in health among the major industrial nations. US spending per capita on health is currently the highest in the world yet the US now ranks 37th in actual health statistics in the top industrial countries and has the highest infant mortality rate. The US also rates 24th in life expectancy… more

It is unfortunate that in our advance society we are getting sicker all due to the demand for having everything microwave ready for quick and easy disposable.

Our food is a major part of our existence and once it becomes our enemy, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We must with all due effort begin to take action in what we buy and what we eat…it’s not something we can neglect.

29 And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. 30 Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so. Genesis 1:29-30


In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version

Dream Killers

A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men. Proverbs 18:16

There is nothing worse than someone telling another person that their dream or dreams don’t matter.

It is mind-boggling to hear someone speak negatively into someone else’s life about what that person can’t achieve.

Dreamers dream.

Dream killers kill dreams.

Those who are quick to make an assumption about another person ability may have been in their past a dreamer who dreams were killed by one or more dream killers.

How does one live or better yet, avoid dream killers? Of this I know. You can choose to either believe the dream killer(s) opinion and remain under their power.

Or you can bow out from their presence and move forward.                   road-song-03-800px

I myself have chosen to do the latter.

And if anything that makes the exit from dream killers the right decision. It is that with each passing year, you find that your dream(s) yet realized is still your dream until the end.

Giving up is not part of the plan for those who are determined to succeed. Dream killers feed on weakness. They are drawn to the smell of self-doubt and fear.

Dream killers are dreamers but they surrendered their dreams so that they don’t have to go through the struggle, rejection, and hard work to realize their dream.

Once a dream killer overtakes a dreamer, they move on to fresh bait.

But I thank God for the Spirit that dwells within me.

That Spirit tells me not to pay heed to the dream killers but focus on the promise.

And that is what you have to do if you are a dreamer.

Hold on to your dream.

No matter how old you are…how much you may lack in material things…or may not be in the best of health.

Your dream deserves to be lived out. And one day…the impossible will come to light.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

Healthy Wednesday

Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food; their leaves will not wither, and their fruit will not fail. They will bear fruit every month, because their water flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for medicine.” Ezekiel 47:12


Healthy Wednesday.

At times, I am sorry that I ever stepped into a doctor’s office.

Yet, I know that physicians have an important role to play in our lives, as did, the physician Luke did when he traveled with the Apostle Paul during his evangelism journey.

However, with everything in life. We must live a well-balance existence and not forget who is the true Healer who heals.

At this moment, several members of my family and close friends are experiencing health issues. And because I know everyone has their own way of dealing with sickness, I wanted to share my own personal story with someone who may be fighting against the knowledge that the doctor has all the answers to their health problems.

A number of years ago, I decided to get a medical check-up before going out-of-town for a business trip.

I had been given various test with the dreaded blood test being the granddaddy of them all.

Once my doctor received the results, I was asked to come in his office as soon as possible.

“I have good news and bad news for you…which one do you want to hear first?” my former family physician asked me.

As I sat in the chair next to the doctor’s desk, my voice sounded liked an echo chamber.

“The good first,” I told him, somewhat feeling like a heavy boulder was weighing down my heart.

“Well, you don’t have Lime disease.”

I sat motionless.

Now, I was waiting with anticipation for the boulder to get larger as he stared at me.

“But you do have M.S.”

As if in a trance, I nodded my head and took in the information as if it was being spoken for someone else.

That day, I left my doctor’s office and walked home, constantly playing his words over and over in my head.

When I reached home, I remember flopping down on the sofa and looking blankly at the wall. I must have set in the living room for hours before finally getting up and getting myself something to eat.

Yet, here is the caveat to my diagnosis.

Despite everything, that was said to me. I never questioned God.

I didn’t think or even consider that God had somehow caused me to have Multiple Sclerosis.

To be honest, I was ignorant in my thinking that black folks didn’t get M.S.  However, years later I found that to be untrue.

Now, after twenty years of having the Miracle Sign, I am able to speak with newly diagnosed individuals to encourage them to live the life that God wants them to live.

Facing any major diagnosis, such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer can be devastating news but it does not have to rule over us.

The power is in our hands.

We can choose to live.

Or choose to give up.

But it is my hope and prayer that giving up is not an option and that you want the best that God has to give you.

So, today, I am kicking off Healthy Wednesday.

Healthy Wednesday will introduce you to articles, videos and guest posts to show us all a better way in which to live a healthier life.

If anything that is worth life,,, it is living it to the fullness as God intended for us to live.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord


The Top 14 Herbs of the Bible

The Aftermath of 9/11 Fifteen Years Later

Lamentations 3:20-23

20 My soul still remembers
And sinks within me.
21 This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.

22 Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,
Because His compassions fail not.
23 They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.

The aftermath of 9/11 fifteen years later is still fresh in the minds of so many Americans.

As I waited patiently for the bank teller to complete my transaction, this young lady looked up at me and smiled. Within in a few seconds, the teller began sharing with me what she had just learned from her child’s teacher.

“Did you know that the children who will be entering kindergarten this year will be learning about September 11th? I mean, they will actually be learning about something that is now in the history books.” She paused and began tapping on the keyboards. Then she resumed the conversation.

“I was in fourth grade when 9/11 happened,” she said. “I can’t believe that it has been fifteen years…and now, its’ history.”

All I did was smile and nod my head. I understood her amazement and the fact that September 11, 2001 will be forever a historical mark in the lives of Americans.

It was a hard day and an wake-up call for our nation because we had assumed that no one in their right mind would enter our country and attack us. But of course. It did happen. And for a few weeks, we were on the lookout for terrorists and taking revenge on the nation(s) who might have been involved in this horrific deed.

Remembering the day that it happened also brought to mind how our church sanctuary was filled the next evening after the attack. People from all walks of life were entering our church, crying and holding onto their loved ones. Our pastor deliver a short but encouraging message that left everyone in the congregation to reflect on how blessed we were as a nation and how we were still holding on to our freedom to walk into the house of God for solace and comfort.

A few weeks later, I remember that this nation went back to business as usual. Lives would never be the same.

And God was left by the wayside…that’s the history that I also remember.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

In Memory…In the Arms of the Angels



Medicine or a Miracle?

James 5:15 – And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

Fadookie-Caduceus-800pxLast week I spent time in bed dealing with a serious bout of what I thought was cold but it turned out to be a virus.

As I languish in my bedroom unable and unwilling to do anything but moan and groan at the intensity of body pain, shortness of breath, uncontrollable heart palpitations, and an upset stomach. I found myself mentally shouting at the Lord to just help me recover quickly.

But it seemed that with each passing moment, my sickness was getting worse and not better.

I can assure you that I was doing all that I could do humanly possible. Yes, and I also threw down some over the counter pain relievers. Yet, my heart and spirit knew that Jesus was the only One who could heal me. And no matter how long it was going to take, I wasn’t going to give up on the Lord.

About the third day in with the virus, it was strangling me to the point that I was convinced that I needed to go to the hospital. As I slowly pulled myself up from underneath the bed covers, my legs decided they were not going anywhere. At the least, the most my legs were willing to give me is a temporary halt against the bed and not in the direction of the bathroom where I could wash and get dressed to go to the emergency room.

At one point, I panicked. What on earth would I do if I don’t get to the hospital?

That’s when that still, quiet Voice overtook all the soundbites of fear from distracting my attention on death rather than life.

With all the strength that the Lord gave me, I found myself rolling over on the side of my bed and reaching for my Bible. There it was all the while. Placed so close to me, yet, I failed to pick it up when I really needed it.

During the next few hours and by the following day, my virus was still with me but it wasn’t affecting me as it had earlier.

By the weekend, I was able to go to the market and attend church service, although, still somewhat weak, I pressed on knowing that this sickness was not unto death.

As of today, I am feeling 90 percent better and that is just fine with me.

One thing that I am learning through this life journey is that we ought not to take Jesus for granted nor the Word of God.

Oftentimes, we Christians think we are super Christians until an illness, family crisis or financial troubles come our way.

My early onslaught of the virus put me to choose. Would it be medicine or a miracle?

That is where the testing of our faith comes in.

Are we really trusting and believing in Him? Or do we trust in what the world tells us?

It’s something to think about.

Prayer is the best medicine. God is the best doctor.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2016 The Year of Our Lord

Jesus Healing Miracles